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Innovative High Performance DotNetNuke Hosting Solutions

DotNetNuke 7 Hosting $150 /year plus Free .UK Domain Name

  • shared hosting

  • $150

    per year

  • 2GB Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Portals
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • reseller hosting

  • $49

    per month

  • 5GB Disk space
  • Multiple Domain Hosting
  • MSSQL & MySQL Databases
  • Best for Web Developers
  • Yes
  • cloud servers

  • $69

    per month

  • Fully customizable
  • Free instant setup
  • Free SmarterTools bundle pack
  • Dynamic server load balancing
  • Remote control access
  • dedicated servers

  • $149

    per month

  • Fully customizable
  • Free instant setup
  • Free SmarterTools bundle pack
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Remote control access

Why DNN4Less


Robust Infrastructure:
When you move your website and hosted applications onto the DNN4Less network, you are immediately leveraging the significant investments we have made in our technology and infrastructure.

The state-of-the-art data centers we operate house thousands of dedicated hosting servers combined, all running within facilities that have been engineered for redundancy and performance from the ground up. Built on a core comprised of Enterprise Cisco hardware, our data centers can support approximately 80Gbps of throughput.

We have a great deal of experience in the web hosting industry, we understand that in order to remain competitive we must continuously be building, developing and evolving. We are quick to adopt new technologies and the latest in network hardware, all with the purpose of helping our clients fully leverage the power of the DNN4Less Networks.


Friendly and Trained Staff:
Another thing that makes us unique is our friendly staff! We aren’t just “WebHosters” we can translate “geek speak” pretty well.

We really believe in our people. They drive us forward everyday with positivity and enthusiasm. Providing our employees a rewarding work environment has helped us develop a corporate culture that first and foremost takes into account the well-being of those who have helped us get here. We believe it has helped us attract some of the very talented people who are currently building their careers at DNN4Less today.

In developing the technologies and innovative services that will keep us in front of our competitors, we know we must attract the best and brightest minds in computing. In providing the best service and support possible, we understand that our employees must be enthusiastic and motivated. We really believe the friendly and smart people who work here set us apart. We know providing an enriching work environment and fertile corporate culture cultivates positivity and productivity. Keeping our employees happy is really our way of keeping you happy.


Expert 24/7 DNN Support:
What makes DNN4Less web hosting the best choice for your website is the fact that we have special expertise in different fields: our admins know which is the best server setup for your DotNetnuke, our supporters know how DotNetNuke work in detail. We also closely monitor the applications development and keep everything up-to-date with the latest version.

We use special server technology on our web servers to offer the fastest loading time for your websites. We run regular checks for website vulnerability and warn our users in case of security breach. Our servers use a unique monitoring system which checks server status each 0.5 sec. Thus we offer outstanding uptime and reliability to our web hosting users.

We are proud with the level of expertise of our support team. All support team members receive advanced in-house training.

Less than 10% of our customers need to contact us about technical issues. That’s because our services are reliable and easy to use. But, if you do need help, rest assured we have experts on hand 24/7/365.


Fast & Affordable:
At DNN4Less we have a reputation for not skimping on service. With that, we do our research carefully and have formulated a way to offer the best Windows hosting experience, yet at an affordable level. Everything from our data center, network, servers and even support technicians we hire all contribute to our ability to provide a great hosting experience.

There’s a good reason why many of our customers have hosted their personal and business websites with us. Actually, three good reasons: Outstanding Customer Service, World Class Technology and Affordable Prices. DNN4Less offers Fast Web Hosting, Managed Dedicated Server Web Hosting and Virtual Server Hosting at rock bottom prices, all while providing the “Best Windows web hosting service in the world”.

DNN4Less Web Hosting is designed around the simple idea: allow online businesses to focus on their core business instead of their servers. Stop worrying about whether your server is down or not, or if you can find a quick solution to a problem. We back every product we sell with an industry leading SLA and 24/7/365 Expert Support.

What Makes Us Special

In-House Support Staff
Our refusal to outsource support, and overall commitment to provide the best DotNetNuke hosting service possible has been recognized by industry experts and our customers alike.
Best Customer Service
We strive to serve our clients with respect and understanding, without sacrificing the efficiency that keeps our client’s costs low. We always maintain a positive attitude.
Our Data Centers
Our secure data center environment gives your DNN website access to a high-speed internet connection through multiple providers, 24/7 security, & a fully redundant power system.
Green Hosting!
By being green-conscious, individuals and organizations alike can ensure that we not only stop destroying our environment, but actually see things improve for future generations.

Our Expertise

  • WINDOWS SERVER 2008 / 2012
  • IIS
  • ASP .Net
  • MySQL and PHP

Reviews & Guides

  • DNN4Less is a “10 “out of “10″, in knowledge and customer service. They take care of their customers every step of the way. Keep up the great work, Bravo!

    Ernest Rivera
  • Thank you all for the prompt support - very nice to get response times like I've seen, even when I'm working at all hours of the day or night as my free time allows. <strong>Thumbs up to you all!</strong>

    Kent Kruckeberg
  • I was at GoDaddy for years. When you send a support ticket all you get is a form response. Move all of my DotNetNuke and WordPress websites to DNN4Less. Fast, polite, helpful and real people to talk. Their customer support rocks. So happy that I picked DNN4Less. They let me get my site up quickly and easily in no-time.

  • You are the best!!!

  • It is good to be working with a support department that knows what they are doing. I look forward to gradually moving my other existing DNN sites from several other hosting providers.

    William Severance
  • In my DNN-Developer life I have got experience with more than 10 hosting providers, from webhost4life to powerdnn and recently with DNN4Less and say by surety that DNN4Less is the best I have ever experienced

    Gita Granier
  • I always wanted to have a cool flash website that will showcase my works, which I can update myself, without the help.

    Sergio Ramirez
  • I really like the fact that, their server’s performance is awesome and support is second to none. Currently we are on shared hosting, but we will get a dedicated server in next few months.

    Obed Bassam
  • yes yes yes – I cannot thank you enough! You guys are the best!

    Kasey Digra
  • Overall we’re very happy with DNN4Less and it has validated our decision to go our few unreliable hosting providers.

    John Valerio, 5

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